Kids Rope Ladder with wooden sturdy steps wooden Rungs ideal for Climbing Frame, Tree House Sport

Rope Climbing Ladder 5 RUNGS for Kids Swing Set Accessories

€ 12,99

Product Attributes:

  • Dimensions 1.80 m
  • Hardwood rungs Ø 22 x 300 mm
  • Assembly height 2.05 - 2.35 m
  • Ring in galvanized steel
  • Unit weight 0.65 kg


Product Characteristics:

  • Resistance to changing weather conditions and UV radiation
  • High strength material
  • for domestic use


Sturdy Indoor/Outdoor Rope Climbing Ladder for Kids is designed to be added to a swing set, jungle gym, tree or playhouse. The options for adventure are limitless. Your children will love this addition.The Climbing Rope Ladder will get your child a lot of fun outside.