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Set o 4 Ground Anchors 500mm

€ 29,99
  • Resistance: durable protective layer, hot-dip galvanising protects the product from adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow.
  • Careful workmanship – Solid and thick unbreakable welded seam with long tip. Certified black steel class S235. Sheet thickness at least 1.8 mm. Zinc plating at least 60 microns.
  • Safety - Ground anchor is used to stabilise equipment on garden playgrounds such as swings, towers with swings and playhouses and to attach to the ground. In order to improve the stabilising properties, it is possible to embed the ground anchor.
  • Technical data - Total length: 445 mm. Side tab width: 40 mm. Impact depth: 445 mm. Material thickness: 4.0 mm. Holes - 2 holes at 10.5 mm. Material: hot dipped galvanised steel. Weight: 4 x 0.74 kg