Heavy Duty Swing Hanger Playground Climbing Frame Yoga Seat Trapeze Wooden Sets Indoor Outdoor  type P_00

INDOOR Swing Hook Type "P" Galvanised Steel Ceiling Hanger

€ 5,99

Product Attributes

  • Made of galvanised steel
  • Ended with carabine hook - easy to hook and unhook
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor use
  • pre-drilled fixing holes Ø 6.00mm - no screws included
  • Maximum load 200 kg


Product Characteristics:

  • Resistance to changing weather conditions and UV radiation
  • Safety confirmed by TÜV certificat
  • High strength material


swing hook ‘indoor’  provides a nice alternative for those who would like to have a swing but do not have a (large) garden. It also gives the possibility to swing indoor in winter. Also when it is too cold to play outside, the swing hook lets you continue swinging indoor.

Perfect for all swing set products indoors or outdoors including gymnastics rings ceiling mounts, porch swings and yoga trapeze swings, utility room, garage and more, durable used. The hardware for mounting is not included.