kids plastic steering wheel for climbing frame tree house playhouse children car wheel
steering wheel with car horn2
plastic kids telephone toy phone for childrens climbing frame tree house play house accessory2
plastic children phone for climing frame tree house playhouse kids telephone
hand grips grab handles handgrips set climbing frame playhouse accessory plastic safety handles kids_00
JUST FUN - 3PR03-05A1.XXw3

Set of 3 - Steering Wheel + Phone + Handgrips

€ 34,99

Product Attributes:


Steering Wheel with Car Horn (only in red)

  • Full solid plastic
  • Car horn feature producing an actual car horn sound when pressed
  • Includes mounting kit


  • Injection moulded HDPE
  • can be mounted onto any of the play sets
  • push-button keypad with mechanical key sounds for realistic dialing
  • Global dimensions approx.210 x 100 x 90  mm
  • With connection piece

Handgrips 250 x 75 mm (set of 2)

  • Injection moulded HDPE
  • Includes hexagonal head woodscrew, washers and bolt covers
  • Dimensions 250 x 75 x 22 mm

*Set in mixed colors