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50cm extension used to extend the ropes or chains twist lock carabiner

1Pc EXTENSION for Swing Rope/Chainset CHAIN 50cm

€ 15,99

1Pc 50cm extension used to extend the ropes or chains of swings and other elements of playgrounds.


  • The extension consists of a chain about 50 cm long and 1 carabiner.
  • Extension about 50 cm + carabiner length about 10 cm both galvanized
  • MAX load of a single extension is 200 kg.
  • Chain type 8mm Carabiner 10 x 100mm.
  • Twist -lock carabiner - extra safety of use.


The chain can be shortened (trimmed) if necessary, or it can be completely left, and the height of the swing will be adjusted at the ropes.

If we extend the swing ropes, the carabiner is placed in a circle at the end of the swing rope, twisted it, the last link of the extension chain put into the clamp's carabiner or assembly connector, which is in the swing structure.